Think about HIV and the decisions we make to keep us safe. Talk about HIV and loving safely. Act to protect ourselves and others from HIV.


Welcome to Safe Love online! Let’s put safety above all else when making choices that may expose us or our partners to HIV.  Whatever your status, and regardless of the choices you make, you are welcome here. Don’t know where to start? Start here.

What’s causing HIV in Zambia???

  • having more than one partner at a time
  • not using a condom every time, or not using it the right way
  • passing HIV from mother to her child during pregnancy, birth or during the child’s first 6 months

At Safe Love we talk about the importance of safety, communication, and faithfulness in relationships. Together we can prevent HIV.

This website is also your home for the hit television drama Love Games and the exciting radio drama Life at the Turn Off! Here you can get more information on the issues you’ve heard about on these programs. Want to start a Safe Love Club at your school, church, or in your community? We can help!

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The Safe Love campaign is brought to you by the Ministry of Health and National AIDS Council with support from the United States Agency for International Development and its Communications Support for Health Project through the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Looking for more info? If you are in Zambia call the free and totally anonymous 990 hotline from any mobile! Just dial 990